Advance Therapy Systems


Our aim is to help those with difficulties/disabilities to function effectively, to improve their quality of life and to enable them and their families to participate fully in society by providing a model centre of best clinical practice and research.

In our state of the art Dublin and Dundalk facilities, we provide speedy access to:





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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a health and rehabilitation profession which emphasizes active participation in tasks and activities to promote independence, quality of life, and well being. People of all ages receive Occupational Therapy to help them participate in the activities of their daily lives. Some people need occupational therapy to do things that others take for granted, such as getting dressed, playing, being productive at school or work, eating unassisted, organizing their behaviours, and even socialising.

Occupational therapists help people overcome their disabilities, medical conditions, or functional difficulties to do everyday things, often in collaboration with physicians and other professionals to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach.

We provide extensive occupational therapy services in both our Dundalk location as well as in our Santry, Dublin 9 location.


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